About Medi Mushrooms

Fran - Medi Mushrooms Founder

Health and well-being has been a passion of my mine, ever since I can remember.

The Person Behind The Brand – About Fran

I am a mom of two adult sons, a wife and woman, who has a deep desire to share my gifts and passion for health and healing. Ensuring the health of my sons played a huge part in my journey, and I am so grateful to them for all that I have learned. Horticulture, permaculture, and landscaping was my entry point into the world of natural healing. Later came energy work, yoga training and currently, Qi Gong.

I offer more than selling a bottle of mushrooms. I connect with clients and empower them to choose which mushrooms work best for them. I have been able to use my skills as a Health Coach to distinctly elevate the quality of our products and customer service. Offering guidance and assisting my clients on their health journey provides me with great joy. Not every extract is suitable to every individual, so I endeavor to encourage our clients to choose the mushrooms that work best for them. Creating a clear focus on nutrition and lifestyle which are key to regaining and claiming one’s health. I truly believe that we continually expand and grow in our perception and development throughout life. I have had an innate urge towards this type of personal development and expansion. Being drawn to working with energy and I am now expanding in the practice of Chi Gong and working with biofeedback frequency.

About Our Mushrooms - The Story

I came upon medicinal mushrooms in 2009 –Since then the range has grown to have seven mushrooms and has expanded to become a national brand.. In 2018, the range expanded beyond the ‘famous’ five to include Turkeytail or Trametes. It didn’t take long for Trametes to become a firm favourite. In the beginning 2020, Agaricus Blazei was introduced into the family; little did I know that life was about to change in the most extraordinary way. The tough times of 2020 gifted me with the opportunity to assist those who were looking for holistic solutions for their health. I ensured that clients were supported during the past two years.

Special mushroom number seven, Agaricus is the most wonderful mushroom extract for these times. We look forward to seeing it grow and become another firm favourite in our range.

Our mushrooms are manufactured and lovingly packaged in South Africa. Our unique products are available on-line and from selected Pharmacies, Health Shops and Health Practitioners in South Africa.

Want to know which Mushrooms are suitable for you and your loved ones?

Recycling bottles is encouraged. Use them for seed storage, etc. or drop them in your recycling bag.

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