“I have only had excellent experiences in dealing with Fran at Nourishing Thymes. The level of service has been superb, to say the very least.

Over and above the excellent service I have received, the products are magnificent, and have delivered amazing results! Overall, I am a very happy customer!” Keanan


“For approx. 18 months I have been taking Medi Mushrooms, for various reasons.

1. Had cystoid macular edema in my right eye – and lost 75% vision. 12 years ago
2. Had hair loss, due to stress. approx. 10 years ago
3. Spur under heel and could not walk. approx. 3 years ago
4. Damaged my knee – causing difficulty in walking.- 8 years ago
5. Digestive problems – causing weight gain. 7 years ago.

Now eye sight improvement, Hair loss under control – and strengthened, Spur totally disappeared, Knee 100% ok, Weight gain halted!

Feeling energetic – and can walk for miles.

Am told by friends and strangers that I look at least 18 years younger than I am.” Anonymous


“Hello Fran, I got my first bottle of MediMushrooms Cordyceps today and I don’t know if its all just in my mind but after taking 2 I feel amazing!!! I have chronic fatigue and its probably the best and most energised I’ve felt in months!!!” Anonymous


“I truly do feel that it has been supporting my body in fighting the herpes simplex virus” LP Health Coach


“Both my parents and I have had great benefits from the Reishi and Lions mane combo. better sleep and improved focus definitely and my parents are reporting a reduction in arthritis pains and less acidity” Anonymous


“I have been prescribing Medi mushrooms to my clients for years now. As a professional and business owner who specializes in the Health, Wellness and Beauty industry, Medimushrooms have been the best selling food supplement on my shelf.

I have many customers who have benefited from the tremendous and effective results that the mushrooms have had on their general well-being, vitality and specific health concerns. A rare exceptionally pure and powerful supplement that benefits over all vitality so effectively and efficiently. There is no one that should not be taking it!” Joanne Johnston, Owner of Antonias Health & Beauty


“I also did not realise i helped 1 person with Alzheimers and dementia. And my child has Charcot mari tooth disease. He lost his feeling under his foot bank. And when I tested it tonight i was back again i don’t know if it is the Lion Mane or the physio or the other things I gave him but this is a miracle itself. I would love training and I would love to sell this product I don’t care how match I make if this can help people I want to spread the word so far as possible. I was today at our sport day and a lady came to me and thank me for my research she began to give this to her mother with dementia and it helped her mother I burst into tears and said I am so glad my researched help someone else too. This was the best feeling in the world.

So I am pro Medi Mushrooms. It also improved my sons memory and concentration and he suffers also from speech apraxia and his speech is also better. So I really think this product works miracles.

I cant wait to start helping other people like me and my sons and every one suffering from any horrible diseases.” Antoinette Coetzee


“Took many types of medication and as far as I am concerned Lions Mane was the only one that relieved the pain. Also it never made me drowsy. I was more energetic and had a feeling of well being, it also has a calming feeling. Its real good “stuff”.” Joan


“At the end of last year I was burnt out, forgetting things, not sleeping, over reacting to literally everything! I have a very hectic life. I started taking Lions Mane and within a week I noticed an immediate difference. i was calmer. I was sleeping, remembering my dreams. Its February now and I think this is the most amazing thing I’ve added to my life style.” Ruby



“Thank you so much for helping me with your care and guidance, my Airedale was struggling a lot in the last year and after a massive back surgery ended up having to have a massive cancer tumour removed from her mouth. When results came back it was a very aggressive cancer and I was beside myself as we had to first wait for the biopsy then keep going for check ups to see if it spread. I did a lot of research and came across Turkey Tail medicinal mushrooms, and after calling Fran and her calming kind advice I immediately started my Airedale on a capsule daily, our last checkup, she was declared cancer free, we still need to keep checking every 2 to 3 months though. I stopped the turkey tail and noticed Digestive issues returning, so have decided to order more and just keep her on the Turkey tail for some time. I must admit, with taking the turkey tail mushroom, my 9yr old doggy is now acting like a 2yr old pup again so I can’t say enough about this amazing product.” Anonymous

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