Stress and anxiety disorder affect millions of South Africans. If you find you’re snapping at others easily, feel overwhelmed when leaving your home, or are using alcohol or illicit substances to cope, stress may be having a significant impact on your health.

Maitake medicinal mushrooms have often been referred to as the “King of the Mushrooms” because of their incredible healing properties. If you’ve never used medicinal mushrooms before, you’ll find they are a safe, effective way to improve your health.

Symptoms of High Stress Levels

The most common symptoms of high stress levels include:

  • Frequent emotional outbursts

  • Unusual dreams

  • Tight muscles

  • Sudden hair loss

  • Gastrointestinal upset (heartburn, ulcer, diarrhea)

  • Increase in addictive behaviors

  • High blood pressure

Maitake Medicinal Mushrooms Help You Adapt to Stress

Over time, stress can take a serious toll on your health. Without taking steps to reduce your stress, you leave yourself vulnerable to developing heart disease, diabetes, premature aging, and early death.

Maitake medicinal mushrooms are called ‘adaptogens’. This is because they work with your body’s natural chemistry to help you better be able to adapt to the stress in your life.

These healing mushrooms contain proteins, amino acids, minerals, and polysaccharides that nourish and strengthen your body while protecting you from more serious disease.

Maitake Medicinal Mushrooms May Prevent Cancer

Excessive stress levels wear down your immune system and can lead to the development of cancer. Maitake medicinal mushrooms help fight cancer by suppressing the growth of tumor cells. They do this by activating macrophages, which consume mutated cells.

Out of all the medicinal mushrooms, which have been scientifically studied over the years, Maitake seems to have the strongest anti-tumor activity. Maitake medicinal mushrooms have been shown to be quite effective in treating breast, lung, liver, and prostate cancer.

More Health Benefits of Maitake Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Immune System Booster

Maitake medicinal mushrooms are ideal for those with stress who experience a weakened immune system as a result. Maitake has strong antioxidant properties, which help increase endurance against bacterial and viral infections.

  • Cardiovascular Tonic

Maitake has been shown to lower your blood pressure naturally and regulate your cholesterol levels.

  • Digestive Tonic

Those with high stress levels often experience digestive upset. Maitake helps regulate and strengthen your digestive function.

  • Diabetes Monitor

Maitake helps regulate your blood sugar levels so they remain stable.

  • Obesity Monitor

If chronic stress makes you overeat, maitake can help regulate your metabolism and get you back on an a more even keel.

  • Anti-Aging Effect

Maitake has also been shown to reduce the signs of premature aging.

Stress is inevitable. Getting sick from it doesn’t have to be. When you add Maitake medicinal mushrooms to your supplement regimen, you’ll find yourself much better able to cope.